Sunday, 9 September 2012

Salman Khan is my closest friend, says Preity Zinta…

Preity Zinta loves Salman Khan as a friend, calling him her closest buddy. Even if the world turns upside down, she is sure Salman will never leave her side. He has always stood by her through thick and thin. She calls Salman a straightforward guy with a very big heart.

Preity’s latest film, Ishkq In Paris will see Salman Khan shake a leg with the actress. Salman’s ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ saw Priety make a guest appearance in a song. However, she says, just because she did it, Salman did not agree to be a part of her directorial debut. IN no way did he return a favor.

“There is no hard and fast rule that just because I did a song in his film he does for me. Out of all the actors, he has been closet and most supportive friend in whatever I have done. Not just for this song but for music as well,” said Preity.

“For me, my first film as a producer has been an uphill task because you have to work hard in whatever you do. But he being there has made a huge difference to me,” she added.

The song which will see Sallu gyrate to is titled “Kudiye Di Kurti”, composed by duo Sajid-Wajid. It is a part of a wedding sequence.

Salman and Preity’s friendship is very old and hey share a super strong bond.

Talking about their friendship, Preity said: “Our relation goes back ten years and he has always been supportive. He is, has been, a friend, who has always been there irrespective of what the media or people say, he has a big heart. He is honest straight forward guy. For me he is so awesome.”

“Ishkq In Paris” is directed by Prem Raj, also features Arjun Rampal, French actress Isabelle Adjani and Gaurav Chanana.


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