Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A tribute to the most hard working woman in Bollywood : Rekha

If you were to describe success, how would you do it? Being popular? Having fame and money and a crazy fan following? People liking you to a crazy extent? People wanting to be like you? If that’s success, then Rekha nailed it!
She might not know the President of America but she does know how to charm her way into our lives. Scandals, controversies and blames aside, she is one of the most sought out actresses in Bollywood. If she were still game, she would give Aishwarya and Priyanka a run for their money.
What’s remarkable about Rekha is the fact that she didn’t stop at anything. Millions of leeches out there tried to pull her down. They disapproved of her and she got their approval by working hard. Hell, after a point they wanted to work with her. They taunted her for her looks and today her name is synonymous with grace and beauty. She was looked down on because of her affair with a married man but today girls look up to her and commend her for staying strong and living alone in a male dominated society.
She just doesn’t live but enjoys her life. Dressed to perfection you can’t spot any distress or sadness on her face. She survived and she did it all alone. Without the help of any man. I might sound like a feminist here but it doesn’t really matter because her strength is what every girl in this world should possess. Money won’t fetch you anything if you aren’t strong headed and opinionated.
Actresses were too proud to do the role of a housewife who is a rape victim. Were they proud or were just staying away from tabbo? But Rekha didn’t fear anything and didn’t stop at anything. She went ahead and took the offer. Her role in Ghar was widely appreciated and that’s how she got her first nomination at the Filmfare awards as the best actress. Rekha did many such roles and was one of the best actresses of her time. Her dressing was also perfect. She got the trend of dark and heavy make up with khol filled eyes and red lipsticks and she rocked the look for four decades.
Her hard work, strength, will power and stability are all commendable! Here’s to Rekha who will always remain in our heart.


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