Wednesday, 30 October 2013

India’s Superhero Flick Krrish 3 is Bigger, In all ways!

Krrish 3, India’s first indigenous superhero flick, is bigger than all the other movies so far. The ticket prices of the movie will be higher. Reportedly, the prices of this movie will be higher than what Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express ticket prices was- and tickets for that movie sold for a whopping Rs. 500.
While Fun Cinemas is all set raise the price by 8 per cent in most of their outlets, Inox is planning to do something similar. The Assistant Programming Manager at BIG Cinemas, Ashutosh Athavale, reasoned, “We are hoping that Krrish 3 will be a blockbuster.”
On another hand, Krrish 3 will have our superhero fighting an army of mutants created by the super-villain Kaal, played by Vivek Oberoi. Talking about his role, Vivek Oberoi says he is the ‘prince of darkness’ in the film. “Kaal is royal and aristocratic. He’s someone who has created his own world because he’s angry at humanity for what they did to him. He wants vengeance. This is the first time I play someone who has dark shades.” For the first time in Indian cinema, a super villain is creating an army of mutants. Kaal takes his DNA and mixes it with that of animals to create mutants — maanwars, as he calls them, a mix of maanav and jaanwar — with special powers,” says Vivek.
And our lead actor Hrithik Roshan, who said this movie was very challenging, says “Once in a while comes a film that tests the extent of your extreme potential. Once in a lifetime, a vision so magnificent gets embedded so deep into your core that it fires every cell in your body with such enthusiasm and excitement that you’re willing to break down and charge against every obstacle, every wall that says ‘you can’t’ and burst through it because all you can see at the end of the road is that little signpost that says ‘VICTORY’. This journey was meant to be… because I believe I had to find the Krrish inside of me to fight my own personal barriers in my life. It has resurrected a new life force in me, a force for good. My name is Hrithik Roshan, today that name points to the true me… the Krrish inside of me.”
The movie starring Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra and Vivek Oberoi, will release on November 1st.


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